What to drink when you’re pregnant - coming from a pregnant lady!

What to drink when you’re pregnant - coming from a pregnant lady!

For years I have always taken breaks from drinking alcohol - typically driven by some sort of gym challenge that I was participating in at the time. However, no matter my reasons, people always assumed it was because I was driving or most commonly, that I was pregnant (taking a quick glance at my belly thinking I hadn’t noticed - no, it’s just holiday weight Susan!). I definitely wasn’t pregnant at the time… but I am now (with twins!) and anyone who is expecting knows for damn sure that an 8 week challenge is a walk in the park compared to this wild ride that is pregnancy.

BUT, I am here to tell you that dry definitely doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t have to miss out on all the fun! So if you’re like me, and a glass of water or fizzy drink just isn’t cutting it for you anymore, and you still want to feel like you’re part of the festivities or just want something to wind down with at night - then let me introduce you to my favourite non alcoholic drinks!

Noughty AF Chardonnay

I absolutely love this sparkling from the team at Thomson & Scott! It has a dry, crisp taste with bubbles that last - just like the real thing, but without the hangover! With under 3g of sugar and just 14 calories per glass, it's the perfect answer to a guilt-free celebration. My tip is to mix it with fresh orange juice (1:1) - Minosa for breakfast anyone!? I’ll take two please! (Minosa recipe)

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Leitz Sparkling Rose

Hailing from Germany, the Leitz family have been producing wine since 1744 so they know their stuff. My pick from the bunch is the Sparkling Rosé - the most perfect summer drink and my absolute go-to for a BBQ with friends on a warm sunny day. It’s a completely dry and crisp sparkling rosé with lovely bubbles that last - I promise, you’ll never even notice it has no alcohol in it! It’s also low in sugar & calories so you really can rosé all day with this beauty!

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Copenhagen Sparkling Tea - BLA

One of the first drinks that inspired the concept of nada drinks was the Copenhagen Sparkling Tea - BLA. From the moment we tasted it, we knew we were onto something special. The BLA is a stunning and sophisticated drink - it is hand brewed with 13 different teas and has an incredibly rich, long and complex flavor. It’s the perfect sparkling for a special occasion - dinner parties, baby showers, or a high tea. Not going to lie, I have even cracked one open when I’ve been home by myself but hey...sometimes even that is a special occasion worth celebrating :)

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Seedlip Grove 42

Seedlip is a pioneer in the non-alc spirits space, and was the world’s first producer of distilled non-alcoholic spirits. How’s that for an accolade??? My personal favourite from the Seedlip range is Grove 42 - unlike a standard gin, you get a gorgeous burst of orange, mandarin, ginger and lemongrass. I love drinking this with a light tonic, a slice of orange and a sprig of rosemary - super simple and delicious, nada the alcohol!

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Sinzero - Chardonnay

Meet the Sinzero Chardonnay, this Chilean non-alcoholic Chardonnay with scents of tropical fruit, apricots and white nuts is one of the best non-alcoholic white wines available at the moment. Fresh and bitey and suitable for anytime of the day.

So that’s the hot tip coming from one expecting mumma to another! To make it easier to shop these amazing drinks, we have created the Preggers AF Bundle so you can grab all these delicious drinks with just a few clicks and we will deliver them straight to your doorstep. Enjoy mummas!

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